Great ideas and great teams come from anywhere.

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An intensive 16-week program for modern startups seeking seed funding



Discover $1B insights

This interactive and hands-on program for ambitious entrepreneurs is designed to help you discover $1B insights and build businesses around them.

Seed funding, guaranteed

We invest $50k–$200k in return for small stakes (7–10%). We invest in international teams if they are willing to relocate to the US, UK, Singapore, EU or India. Read why we work in these countries in FAQ.

Anyone can enroll

Unlike Y Combinator, 500 Startups or other well-known accelerators, we do not pre-screen teams based on their education, experience or whether they have ‘contacts’. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enroll. We fund “charts”: your speed of learning and execution and your ability to focus and get things done.


Today, someone from Silicon Valley has more connections than someone from Poland. We fix this by providing the initial connections you need to speed up your venture and by building a huge alumni network with a strong ethos of helping out fellow entrepreneurs.Tomorrow, we will have distributed social capital anyone can access.

Start any time, anywhere

There are no batches or cohorts. You can enroll anytime and from anywhere on the planet. We encourage you to finish as soon as possible—but the program can be finished at your own pace.


Every team passing the first five weeks will be connected with professional industry mentors.

Failed? Not a problem!

Many entrepreneurs fail several times before they discover something worth building. Each time you fail and don’t quit you increase the odds of success. We encourage you to try multiple times and will support you through our scholarship program.

Improve your score

Everyone learns at a different pace, and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad entrepreneur. If you failed to get 95%, just improve your score over and over again until you reach it. At the end of the day, perseverance is a very important quality for any successful entrepreneur.


4 months to funding and a scalable startup. Get access


The best ideas can come from anywhere. We fund the best performers. Fast.

Maria Samarina, CEO of Yangler

Curriculum and Exams

16 weeks, 4 simple phases
Every team that gets 95% or more at the end of the course gets seed funding from $50k to $200k, depending on your product/idea, in return for small stakes of 7% to 10%.
(You can always improve your score by doing tasks as many times as you have to.)

The Idea Exam

We assess your idea on scalability and 10x improvement from existing solutions and recommend steps to take to discover your technical insights and disruptive business models. The format of exam is online.

The Product Exam

We understand when you’ve created a product people love, and if your product needs improvements, we know how to help you. The format of exam is online and offline (in your country).

The Team Exam

We assess whether your team is strong enough—and what should be done if it’s not. The format of exam is online and offline (in your country).

The Execution Exam

We assess the speed of execution and how metrics are changing. The format of exam is online and offline (in your country).



4–6 months
Minimum 20 hours/week
2–4 team members
Work on your own schedule


Every team that graduates with 95% or higher gets a seed funding $50k–200k in return for a 7–10% stake.
Currently, we can fund start-ups from the USA, Canada, the European Union, Australia, India and Singapore. Please read our FAQ for further information including why we are not free.


If you want to build your company but do not need funding, mentorship, and connections, we have an option that is right for you too. Also, if you’re living in a developing country or building a non-profit organization, we invite you to buy this version of our program. Currently, we are not providing funding for these two categories of start-ups.



We open our doors for 1000 participants in few months. Currently, there is a waitlist. Please, apply today.

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