Looking to invest- We offer an opportunity to 10X outperform the market (6)

Angel invest in our startups

There is an enormous untapped investment opportunity for venture capitalists smart enough to look at the numbers and the speed of execution not at gender or the color.

  • More than 97% of venture-funded businesses have male CEOs.
    Asians usually get 12% of funding.
    African-American women get 0,04% (The report)

We think that technology can help us to screen startups based on their results solely, not based on the first impression, color, or gender. Our screening process will ultimately improve the outcome.
Invest in Lines, Not Dots

Our everyone can enroll rule

The best ideas can come from anywhere. We believe that the existing model of accelerators should be improved: today, prior fund the startup, you never test skills, and have no idea about the speed of execution, the speed of learning, the commitment, and the founders’ discipline and their ability to stay focused. We give an opportunity to everyone enrolling in the Yangler program, and we fund the best performers.


We closely work with executives from Fortune 500 companies and professional mentors to ensure that the best performers get support that equals what they would get from offline accelerators.

10x improvement

Our goal is to provide seed funding to 1 million tech startups or 90% of tech startups in the US over 10 years. Every startup funded by us will increase the odds of success for the whole platform. We are going to do so by creating an unbiased system of screening the best performers, allowing every single person to enroll, and applying an algorithm that analyzes the potential of every idea that is tested by our entrepreneurs.


We partner with top accelerators to ensure our startups will continue to grow.

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