July 7, 2015 Yangler

Yangler: The App and in-house laboratory for Improved Skin?

Amazing skin — Is it genetic or the work of a seriously gifted dermatologist? There are plenty of sophisticated formulas of serums, antioxidants, creams and potions that claim to help you look younger. So could an app and your smartphone with lenses help you navigate this skin care puzzle with ease? The Yangler promises a personalized evaluation of your skin care needs. The app is free and the makers say it works regardless of your skin color or ethnicity.

Your skin is healthy if you are healthy. It starts inside out.
Yangler – in-house laboratory for skin diagnosis. 

Yangler’s CEO Maria Samarina says, “We found in research that 45 percent of American consumers think that dermatologists are the ultimate beauty experts. But only 9 percent of American women visited a dermatologist in the past year. So clearly there’s a gap.”


It was only available in world-class clinics.

I tried it on my cellphone, first lining up the ghost image that overlays on my face as it’s being taken by my phone’s camera and attached lense. You basically take a selfie and then the Yangler app analyzes and grades your skin in different categories.

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The app showed me a black and white image that uses a scientifically proven technology to show emerging brown spots and sun damage. This image in particular is pretty compelling. I grew up in Hawaii and I know I have sun damage, but to see all the age spots looming really motivates me to stay vigilant on the sunscreen, both for me and my kids.

Now you can use it at home. Any time.

The app then uses another image to show me where I have clusters of redness. And then it tells me that for my age I have more than an average amount of wrinkles, especially around my eyes.

The Yangler app then suggests products for me. There are eight different categories of recommendations, from reducing pore size to improving elasticity to decreasing redness. Do not rush to check recommendations. Stay with application at least for 2 weeks, sync your existed trackers such as Fitbit, fertility trackers (apps), wireless scales, even MyFitnessPal. In 2 weeks you will see more sophisticated analysis. What exactly causes your aging, if your skin products work, how to prevent acne, aging etc.

To be honest, it’s impressive. Yangler suggested a special diet for me. After 2 weeks I was able to see a huge difference in my skin. Of course, you should track your skin every day to get results. But it’s worth it.

Yangler’s Maria Samarina explained that their board of advisors hand-picked the products and technics and algorithm tested it with almost 1000 women. Every recommendation is unique and tailored just for you.

“The dermatologists and plastic surgeons have vetted the products on the Yangler app,” she said. “And these are generally mostly products that have been available only in dermatologists’ office, but they’re not prescription products, they’re over-the-counter products, and they are products that are really high-quality, really effective and have the highest percentage of active ingredients. But we suggest products rarely. First, beauty starts inside out. We suggest right diet, special massage, herbals, exercises etc. Almost everyone come back and says in 2 weeks: “Unbelievable changes!”

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